Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thanks Grammy and Lauren!

We had a lot of fun diggin into our new candy Grammy and Lauren gave us! The kids wanted to show you just how "yummy in their tummy" it was... or in Ariel's case "oops! i ate it all!" THANK YOU!!!! :)

Thanks Aunt Lisa!

The girls got brand new headbands and earrings for Valentines day and look beautiful in them! Thanks Aunt Lisa! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have found a new magical way of creating complete silence in my classroom mixed with uninterrupted focus and a sudden burst of motivation... computers. These amazing new tools were introduced to my students and as of Monday they have begun taking typing lessons after school with Mr. Omer and me. Yesterday when we let them open and turn on their computer without any instructions they were overwhelmed with excitement...Rosa was pulling at her cheeks, Gabriels shaking her hands back and forth nervously, and Maribel of course exclaiming "I DID IT!!!!" It really is a dose of good medicine seeing them so excited yet so serious about something. And of course they are catching on quicker than you would believe. When Maria passed the first set of practice exercises and arrived at the chameleon game I thought she was going to fall out of her chair laughing so hard. She would try to put her firngers back on the keys and start typing again but the game cracked her up so much she couldn't even do it. Today, day 3, she was going around making sure the other girls knew how to properly shut down their computers and ended the day with a thumbs up to Omer and a "very good!" (she doesn't speak much english so this was extra cute). Maribel prayed in the morning that they would keep learning how to get better at using the computers and that they would be nice to them and take care of them. :) They are already asking if they can type out their book reports instead of hand writing them! I am so thankful that these girls are getting the opportunity to take responsibility and have computer education. Noticed their faces in the pictures... utter concentration!