Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jesus had the Heart of a Servant.... So de We.

Throughout the semester we have been studying what it looks like to have the heart of Jesus. What did his heart look like? Even though he was the Son of God and the king of the world... he washed FEET! Dirty feet. So thats just what we did in Bible class. :) We washed each other's feet. You should've seen the look of horror in my kids eyes when thats what they were going to do. But it was incredible how much they got into it.... they washed, dried, and changed out the water for each person without me having to say anything after the first time. And, after each person went, I always heard a "thank you". Of course they pointed out that Jesus probably used warm water with his friends (the water we had was quite chilly)... but I think they really grasped that Jesus served others.. gladly. I pray that this activity will be one that they will always remember!